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The one and only machine in the world to fabricate lines and spaces under 100µm (FP-21T Series)

Since high-frequency characteristics is necessary for RF circuit boards, it is important to
mill sharp edged lines and spaces as below

However, the lines and spaces milled by average prototyping machine with 60 degrees
milling cutter (without run-out in consideration) will result to the picture below;
un-perpendicular cutting edge, which is inadequate for RF circuit boards.

Reason why FP-21 series are capable

1. Holds necessary tools to fabricate
HF Milling bit 0.1mm
0.15, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5mm
2. Low runout of the spindle motor
FP-21T ------ within 25µm
3. Capable of Stepping fabrication
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Reason why competitor's machines are incapable

1. They don't own adequate tool bit
End Mill (RF) 36mm, d=0.15mm (6mil)
36mm, d=0.25mm (10mil)
36mm, d=0.40mm (16mil)
2. Runout of the spindle motor is not specified
3. Incapability of Stepping fabrication

Introduction Example

FP-21T / FP-21THP
Mr.John Suhr / Suhr Guitars FP-21T
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Musen service Ltd.
FP-21T Introduction example

Please see for introduction examples.
FP-21T Precision
Professor Dr. Antonije Djordjevic / University of Belgrade FP-21T Precision
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More features of FP-21T series

FP-21T / FP-21THP

Performs spacing of 0.1mm or more in milling
  • With having 30mm in Z-axis stroke, it enables to
    process thick materials.
  • By using the optional vacuum table, it enables to
    process thin materials (200µm minimum).
  • The machine can process PCB larger than its working
    area (maximum 2000 mm)
    , in Y-axis, using the software.
  • Compatible with various materials other than substrates, 2.5 Dimensional work and additional work.
  • Process methods, absolute and incremental, are easily changeable manually.
  • With FP-21THP (air floatation model), the material is
    processed without contact, leaving no markings or
    scratches: which is suitable for flexible materials
    such as Teflon.


FP-21T Precision

An Extreme precision machine which performs 50µm spacing. Optimal for microwave designs.


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