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The processing method

MITS' 3-axes-regulation machine can alternately perform the two types of
milling operations, by simply switching between "incremental milling" and
"absolute milling".
This is the MITS original technology.

Absolute milling
You can numerically control the height (depth) of Z axis by CPU.
Although the flatness of the table and the deflection of the processed material
might influence the depth, it is effective in limited processing on the not deflective
material in limited area.

Incremental milling
Detecting the surface of the board, and keeping the depth of the milling bit on
the uneven surface makes the processing unaffected to the flatness of the table.
Particularly it is advantageous when processing with the Pointed-end milling bit

Absolute milling
Incremental milling

For RF board making to processing various materials! FP-21T

50µm(2mil) line and space, the state of the art!

FP-21T Precision
Stepping method and non-contacting pressure foot lead to the fine processing technology

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