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FP-21T Introduction Example [John Suhr]


Purchasing a MITS router required a lot of consideration being it is not a small expense.

Receiving prototypes from a board house with minimum quantities has always been a deterrent to coming up with new ideas.

Other methods of prototyping have always been difficult and amateurish at best with poor results.

With my MITS router the door of creativity has opened up.
This allows me to cut prototype PC Boards that are high quality.

I even use these prototype boards in custom ordered amplifiers and circuits where I only need a small quantity. The MITS router has energized me to develop new product.

It is one on the best purchases I have made and makes me feel excited to come to work!

My new amplifier would never have made it to our critical trade show this year if I didn't have this valuable tool to make the PCB shown below.


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