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FP-21T Introduction Example [Musen service Ltd.]

We are pleased to introduce unique applications for FP-21T by Musen Services Ltd.

Musen service Ltd.
Shin-yoshida higashi 1-28-1
Tel. +81-45-549-3730
Fax. +81-45-549-3731

Business outline
System production / sales
Designing / development
Maintenance of the wireless application

Why did they choose MITS?

The machine able to process the thick and hard materials
We wanted to reduce time and cost to make prototype boards and custom-made articles
In our company, we develop a lot of systems using the wireless application on demand of our customer. In the process of the development, we need to fabricate the special order item as well as validation of the circuit. Those works take long if we do outsourcing.
Then we found out the easy to use, and able to process both the substrate boards and other Materials, which was MITS machine.

Reason to purchase FP-21T
model 60

Remote control, disaster information communication, Satellite phone, Electric transmission system, Various trial products
Following features made me decide to buy MITS
  1. Controllable Z axis
  2. Employing the high torque spindle motor
  3. High rigidity of the machine
  4. Compact table size

Satisfaction rating of FP-21T model 60

We are very satisfied with this machine. Processing the material is fun, and This machine is indispensable for both me and our company
(Musen service Ltd. Mr. Akahori)

Works of Musen serivice

Double sided board

The tip of soldering is to coating the green resist spray and solder before it dries.
You can easily solder without scraping the resist because the resist move over by heat.

Acrylic processing

Frame for the LED light
Processing of the character panel

LED Light: 4 layers of Acrylic boards. (With Aluminum Cutter)

Processing of the polyacetal


Processing of Aluminum

Processed by the Aluminum engraving bit

Supplemental processing

Semiconductor test substrate board; Spot facing of the board

MITS General Catalog

(PDF file / 1.8MB)

MITS Electronics


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