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What the

Within various manufactures producing and distributing desktop type prototyping machine,
why does MITS prototyping machines are selected and used by well-experienced experts
of prototyping?

Below are explanations of the key elements which our customers observe and inspect
before purchase and how it leads to satisfactory use.

Mill 0.1mm (100µm) line and space.

Lately, the prototyping machine has been applied to fabricate RF circuit boards and high-precise accuracy of lines and spaces are strongly required. For instance, to fabricate lines and spaces of 100µm, it is unobtainable with neither other competitor's prototyping machine nor conventional etching method (using chemical solutions). MITS prototyping machines are the only machines capable of performing this quality and precision, receiving recognition from the customers working with RF around the world.

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Does high spindle revolution equal top-of-the-line machine?

In mass production factory for print circuit boards, spindle motor with 200000 revolutions is installed for enhancement of productivity and drill holes for about 700 hit per minute. With the high revolution spindle motor, the motor size is over 65mm in diameters, costing high price, and the maintenance is very important.
We consider that for desktop type prototyping machine, it is much valued to select suitable revolutions for fabricating prototype boards more easily

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Processing Materials Other than PCB

The main application for prototyping machine is to fabricate PCBs. There, however, are occasion where the user may desire to process materials other than PCB.
For such a case, we have selected suitable models.

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Fabrication for boards larger than the working area is accomplished.

Fabrication for boards larger than the working area is accomplished with combination of EASY CAD and the camera.

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