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FP-21T Precision


Desk-top type prototyping machine for the first time in the world! Prototype PC board maker with 50 micron line/space

Watch the introduction movie of FP-21T Precision right now.

Low vibration and high rigidity machine design
FP-21T Precision employs small degree of runout spindle motor as well
as low center of gravity and high rigidity designing.
This is the ideal model for the microfabrication.
We achieved the 50µm line and space for milling processing
In order to process with the fine and fragile tools, we elaborated the Z axis control.
This enabled us to accomplish the 50 µm line and space for the first time in the world as the desktop PCB prototyping machine.
Compared with the laser machine, FP-21T Precision is superior in cost performance.

Customer Comments
As an option, there is a method to fabricate 50µm line and space with the laser machine; however, following problems are tied also.
- Critical damage to the substrate (melts processing area with the heat)
- Removed copper will splatter (possibility of short out)
- Expensive price
From the above, our company does not support laser prototyping.
Non-Contact Milling Head
As the board is pressured by air pressure, it leaves no undersirable traces on the board surface.
Suitable for milling the soft substrate board such as teflon circuit board.

Non-Contact Board Making & Contact Board Making
When making boards with fine patterns, we usually adopt the incremental milling method in which the material board is held down and the tool tip is made to stick out accurately from the very point where the board is being held down. For holding down the material boards, there are two methods called the contact method and the non-contact method.

Contact Board Making System
This system leaves the thin trace of pivot touch on the surface of copper foil.
(But this pivot does not leave any scratch.)
Non-Contact Board Making System
As the jet of air pushes down the board without touching, this system leaves no trace on the copper foil. Therefore, this system is suitable for the processing of thin or soft board materials. However, additionally you have to have an air compressor.
Web Video
21tp_RF50 : It can see the processing method when milling on a thin board with 50µm track width.
Introduction movie of FP-21T Precision
Optional equipment makes it even more accurate processing.
The vacuum table made of the porous ceramics enables you to
process substrate board whose thickness is less than 200µm.
Vacuum table (VTP-CRM)
Generally, the material of the vacuum table is made of plastic. However with the ever increasing demand for processing on the material thinner than 200 µm, MITS has successfully developed the porous ceramic vacuum table whose flatness accuracy is 10 µm.

The option replaces the standard table itself with the vacuum table of extremely high flatness.

Fiducial camera
Position adjustment can easily be done by magnifying the substrate surface accurately.


Vacuum table and fiducial camera mounted

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