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This product is the Eleven Lab equipped with higher-quality pressure foot which provides better capability of the milling width consistancy and the vacuum cleaning efficiency.

We have provided Eleven Lab +P as the custom model for several years and now we add it to our standard line-up as we get the positive feedback from the customers.

The pressure foot is the same one as the Auto Lab and FP-21T.
  • Depth screw provides more precise adjustment of milling width.
  • Tri-point pressure foot provides more consistency of milling width.
  • Cylinder shape surrounding the tool bit increases the efficiency of collecting particles produced during milling.

Low-cost, wide range table size, XYZ triple-axes control, high resolution,
standard camera monitoring system
Suitable for processing normal PCB.

Standard camera monitoring system
Magnify the surface of the board and display on a monitor.
You can easily adjust the right position while viewing display.
(Maximum useful magnification depends on the size of the screen)

Cabinet (requires assembly) is available as an optional item.
Single Step Tool Change
Tool change can be done without any complicated action such as thread fastening.

Web Video
11_Lab_Demo : Demonstration video featuring our latest Lab series manual tool change prototyping machine. It includes double-sided board fabrication, camera alignment function and overlay function.


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