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Software Upgrade Information

IMPORTANT ---- End of License Reissue Service for "Flash for Windows" (November 2010) ----
"Flash for Windows" was upgraded to our "Design Pro" in April 2008. With this upgrade,
we hereby announce to end our license reissue service for "Flash for Windows" in March 2011.
15 years has passed since the release of "Flash for Windows".
Since the OS and computer technologies have developed drastically within these years, it has brought us to the point where supporting the previous version become difficult.
Upon the end of license reissue service, we maybe cause inconvenience to you. Thank you for your understanding.

At this time, please consider to upgrade your software to our latest "Design Pro".
Please contact us for the details.

MITS Electronics announced the release of the new software
named MITS Design Pro.(April 2008):

Importing DXF files
Improved interface of importing DXF files and filling closed boundaries

Polygon Area Fill (G36/G37)
Improved polygon support of Gerber RS-274X

Aperture Macro
Aperture macro support of Gerber RS-274X

Multiple Aperture
The same d-code is used for two or more aperture definitions across a set of gerber files

Generating Milling Lines
Imporved algorythm of generating milling outlines, rubout and countour routing
Optimized milling data with a combination of small and large tool.

Operational Environments
Windows 8 / 10

Similar to Flash for Windows, MITS Design Pro has several
applications such as EASY CAD, Conversion and CAM series.

Machine Model supported by MITS Design Pro:
FP-7A, FP-21A, Seven Mini, Eleven T, Eleven Auto,
FP-21T, FP-21T Precision,
FPZ-31AT, FPZ-73AT, Eleven Lab, Auto Lab
*including long model
*including HP option

Machine Model NOT supported by MITS Design Pro:
FB-213, FP-7, FP-21 (printer port connection)
FPX-301, DIGI-500, DFM-400

MITS General Catalog

(PDF file / 1.8MB)

MITS Electronics


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