Floor-standing Type / Coater System
Supporting S rank rubber-like resin (Shore durometer A:5)

This model can fabricate from rigid model such as acrylic plate to soft model like skin.

Features Floor-standing Type / Coater System
Maximum printing size
(X Y Z mm)
150 x 100 x 170
layer thickness (mm) 0.025, 0.05mm (Switching by software)
X Y resolution (mm) *1 0.15
Maximum printing speed
(mm / h)  *2
20 (with layer thickness of 0.05mm)
Printing direction Vertical lifting
Available Materials S Rank Rubber-like Resin, A Rank Rubber-like Resin, Rubber-like Resin, Acrylic Resin
Light source LED & laser hybrid, over 8mW/cm2, 3000 lumen
Printer size (WxDxHmm) 620mm x 500mm x 1140 (including caster)
Printer weight (kg) 52
Power supply / 
Power consumption@
AC100V, 50/60Hz, 500W
Note Adjustable Coater Speed
*1 It is possible to raise XY resolution further by narrowing with lens
*2 This modeling speed is when the layer pitch of 0.05mm. Also, it depends on the type of resin.
Note) Please do not install 3D printer near the window where the printer is exposed with sunlight. Resin will be cured.