The Goal for MITS

Although 3D printer became explosively popular with expectation in all over the world, its growth has declined temporarily since 2015.
Our view for the main reason of this decline is its limitations what can be fabricated over the cost, or its low cost effectiveness.
As you may aware, there are different modeling processes exist for 3D printers.
As MITS being a relatively small player in 3D printer manufacturers in the world, we focused on Stereolithography for our printing process, have developed our products by taking advantages of unique characteristics of Stereolithography.

Unique Process that Enables Fabricating with High-quality Rubber-like Resin

Two different processes exist for Stereolithography type of 3D printers. The most popular method that many 3D printer manufacturers rely on, is "tray method", that radiates light on the bottom of the tray then raises the platform with fabricated objects.
With this process, fabricated objects could be broken due to stress while they are raised with platform, and fabrication with quite soft materials (Softer than Shore Durometer A: 15) are impossible.
As MITS' "coater process" adopts proprietary method to reduce the stress, it enables fabrication using soft material of Shore Durometer A: 5 (M3DS-SA5).
Please refer another section describing mechanism of "tray process" and "coater process".