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DNA of "Made in Japan" sprit

In order to enhance competitiveness and product quality, Made-in-Japan machine tools
are predominantly selected by various companies and research institutes around the
Why do they select Made-in-Japan products?
Behind this, there is DNA of "Monozukuri"-Craftmanship sprit, inherited from the past.

The origin of DNA can be traced back 400 years.

In Japan at the time, the Edo-bakufu (government) was newly established and ruled the
country in peace without war for about the next 260 years.
During the Edo period, at Terakoya (literally means temple school) played a major role in
education of children. The education at Terakoya included "reading, writing, and
abacus (arithmetic)", and "pursuit of perfection in handicraft (manual dexterity) " on the
basis of gentle humanity in terms of morale obligation and compassion for others. Such
education was offered for quite a long time which cannot be found anywhere in the world.
It's not too much to say that in this way the education has been passed down to today's
generation as Japanese DNA.

This long period of peace was made possible due to the geographic condition of Japan
which made the country immune to the influence of foreign countries. On the other hand,
during that period Japan lagged far behind other countries in technological innovation
improved so rapidly.

In 1868, Japan was eventually forced to open up the country by the pressure of Europe
and America.
After that, Japan was intensely dedicated to catching up with the Western technologies
that were overwhelmingly advanced. And the country went through a series of
dramatic events to become what it is now.

Made-in-Japan machine tools

Products are generally divided into two categories: "producer goods" and "consumer
goods." A machine tool is classified as "producer goods." The number of "producer
goods"manufactured is extremely smaller than that of "consumer goods." They are not
suitable for mass-production. Metal working parts are most commonly used as materials
for the machine tools. The more precision for machine tools, the more precision for the
metal working parts.
High-precision is required for the machine tools produced by small-quantity production.
so suitable production areas for machines are limited to certain places.
As machine tools need to be made with special handcrafted cares, machine tool makers
especially need cooperation from neighboring companies with highly-advanced
technology in processing metal.

In this way, Japanese machine tool makers are usually surrounded by a group of
cooperating companies with superior DNA capable of supplying unique working parts..
That is why Made-in-Japan products are definitely chosen around the world.

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